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Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control

Created to suit New Zealanders busy lifestyles, Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control unlocks the door to smarter heating. This innovative technology connects your Mitsubishi Electric High Wall Heat Pump(s) to your smartphone, tablet or online account, allowing you to control each unit on-the-go via an internet connection. Purchase additional adaptors to customise each heat pump to suit your needs. Use advanced functions such as the ‘minimum room temperature’ feature to ensure your home or workspace remains comfortable and healthy. Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control allows you to take control of warmth with the touch of a button, try the online demonstration now to see how it can work for you. To enable Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control requires a Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Adaptor, compatible WPA2-AES capable router with WPS and active Internet connection.

Superior Customisation

This innovative Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control opens the door to superior customisation and control, a first for high wall heat pumps in New Zealand. Developed by New Zealanders for New Zealanders, the Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control gives you the tools to tailor your heat pump system to suit your needs.

The Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control allows users to:

Turn heat pumps on/off

Ensures superior control over heat pump systems by allowing you to turn your heat pump on/off.

Change temperature

Displays actual room temperature information allowing you to adjust your heat pump settings to suit the conditions.

Change modes

Choose from the five operating modes available: auto, heat, dry, fan, and cool. This feature allows you to customise your system to meet your needs.

Change fan speeds

Specify a fan speed between one and five or allow the system to automatically adjust to the requirements of the area.

Change airflow direction

Vane positions provide directional control of airflow from the indoor unit. Choose auto, swing, or set a specific direction to target key areas in the room.

Develop operating rules

Programme your system to automatically turn on/off at specific times, change settings, and develop temperature rules to ensure superior comfort day after day.